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Samuel Nilsson

The producer, sound engineer and musician from Gnarp, Sweden.

With his background and experience as a trained musician and a college education in music and sound design as well as his sense of music and melodies, Samuel can give your music exactly what it needs.

As a musician, Samuel plays electric bass and violin as his main instrument, but also masters piano and guitar. He has played with artists such as Samuel Ljungblahd, Evelina Gard and Frank Ådahl.

Samuel's passion for music production and recording began in his teens while pursuing his dream as a musician. It started in a simple home studio to record his own songs and has now developed as a producer for other artists and responsible for a professional studio in Gnarp. The studio, Nordic Audio Recordings, is fully equipped to record high quality music and for professional mixing with a separate recording room and control room. The studio in Gnarp is where Samuel produce and unleashes his creativity.

In recent years, an interest and passion for film sound has also developed. Samuel has worked on short films and interviews and also done sound mix, sound design and foley.

Samuel like to help new artists to find their sound and bring out new talented voices in music. He is not afraid to take on different genres, has recorded and produced, among other things, pop, jazz, rock, EDM, country and Hip-Hop.

Get in touch if you want help with realizing your next creative project.

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